Effects of a stroke

Unless your life has been touched by a stroke it is difficult to understand how suddenly your world seems to collapse. Suffering a stroke, or seeing the changes it brings to someone you love, can dramatically transform your life. The trauma can leave you isolated, confused and even angry with a sense of uncertainty about your future. The effects of a stroke may be temporary or last for several years. Recovery may be different for everyone and will require determination and support –Stroke Care for Newbury & West Berkshirewas formed to provide that support to stroke survivors and their families and carers.

At this time physiotherapy provision from the NHS only continues for a limited period post release from hospital –Stroke Care for Newbury & West Berkshire’sprogramme offers the opportunity for ongoing physiotherapy which is important to achieving recovery.

General Statistics

  • Strokes are the third leading cause of death in the UK
  • Strokes are the largest cause of disability in England.
  • It is estimated that some 110,000 people have a stroke each year in the UK.
  • The support service offerred is not provided by the NHS – in general there is no physiotherapy after-care after 6 weeks following a stroke.
  • Without our presence, stroke survivors and their carers feel abandoned and ultimately this leads to other health issues.
  • By providing our services it is expected that more stroke survivors will attain an improved standard of life

It is an understood fact that nobody reaches a plateau, unless by choice or if rehabilitation is withdrawn. Plasticity (when a different part of the brain will start to respond to messages and take over from the dead part) is becoming well documented. For example, if the use of a hand has been affected by a stroke, if the survivor continually tries to exercise it, then eventually the use may return.